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Update by user Feb 21, 2013

While in the process of trying to remove this complaint, in the meantime, please note that Don has offered to pay me what is owed and I am in the process of collecting the monies due to me. He owned up to the lack of communication with me and I am grateful he is doing the right thing.

Original review posted by user Dec 13, 2012

I am a freelance contractor who was hired by Don Purdum to do web design. He used and profited from my work but failed to pay my invoice.

A lawsuit is pending. If your gut tells you something is not right with Mr. Purdum, listen to it so you don't find yourself in court. He is a dishonest businessman who's business ventures change all the time...just Google him, and sets out to prey on small businesses for personal gain.

I truly believe in karma and know that someday he will get his just due.

Find him...for He was formally with TexStar.Web and DNet, just within the last 5 months.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Arlington, Texas, United States #806244

In 2011 I was a salaried Web Developer for his Texstar Web Company. My paycheck bounced.

He promised to fix the situation and kept me working for him for another week before he "fired" me for what he said was poor work. He used all of the work I gave him, I contacted the clients who all said they loved my work and then my final check bounced.

He never paid me for 3 weeks of solid work and then used every single bit of it. Don Purdum is a horrible person who should be ashamed of himself.


Apparently Don and Nicole have scammed as many people as they can in Texas and have moved on to the unsuspecting people in Lancaster, PA. IF you do business with these two, please DO NOT give them any money up front for any reason, you will never see anything from it and you'll never hear from them again.

These are not good people.

Heed my advice. Instead of their latest venture, marriage seminars, they should offer seminars on how to scam people because that is what they are best at.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #723085

This couple has been using and scamming people and businesses for a very long time. The prior poster wasn't the only unpaid debt that was left by Don and Nicole Purdum.

This couple talks a really good game, but refuses to follow through on commitments, chronically costing their partners and clients MONEY and TIME.

Please be aware these people will lie and spread malicious gossip about anyone who sees through their scam and attempts to hold them accountable.

As with most scammers, Don is a great talker, but once they get paid, they are ONTO the next partner who will feel sorry for them and give them cash.

I saw the last poster updated the post in Feb 2013 saying Don and Nicole were paying...was this 500.00 invoice ever paid? It's almost October.

Please Stay as far away from these people as possible....SCAM!!!! SCAM ALERT!!! SCAM!!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #619189

I am glad that Julie Fowler, of Fowler Designs who originally posted this complaint here on this website, has as of Feb 21, 2012 updated it as to our recent communication. Julie, I know from our conversation that you do not mean all the things you said so harshly, and I understand you. My life took a couple of turns that were hard, and now that I am back on course, I plan on moving forward and paying as soon as possible. I appreciate you!

Julie Fowler did a great job for me, and I am happy with the design. I am sorry Julie for being out of contact and I look forward to resolving this financial issue soon. Here's wishing you the best in your business and in your life going forward!

Sincerely, Don Purdum

to Don Purdum Mesquite, Texas, United States #803610

Don Purdum is still up to his old tricks, he hasn't communicated or paid anyone, he has only done what he normally does, work the internet so that it "appears" like he is taking responsibility for his scams. Please be aware of this when working with the Purdums.

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